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2013 CD Release

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Upright & Electric Bass Player, Music Educator & Clinician, Entertainment Entrepreneur

"The beauty of 'Some Of My Best Friends Are...Divas' is its complete honesty and lack of pretension. The arrangements are lean and imaginative and the singers top-notch original, sans digital affectation. It sounds as if all involved had fun...and is that not what music is all about?"

-Michael Bailey,

All About Jazz Senior Contributor

“A joyous and high-level music collaboration”

-Tom Fowler,

Pikes Peak Jazz & Swing Society

“Colin consistently gets a wonderful sound from the bass while holding down the time, and also when creating beautiful melodic solo statements.”

-Paul Henry, Chief Master Sergeant & Bassist for the Airmen of Note

Brand New 2014 CD Release

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“Holy Smokes! The Escape features some seriously beefy bass tone, lots of groove and solos.”

- Corey Brown, NoTreble.com