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2013 CD Release

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Upright & Electric Bass Player, Music Educator & Clinician, Entertainment Entrepreneur

"The beauty of 'Some Of My Best Friends Are...Divas' is its complete honesty and lack of pretension. The arrangements are lean and imaginative and the singers top-notch original, sans digital affectation. It sounds as if all involved had fun...and is that not what music is all about?"


“A joyous and high-level music collaboration”

Pikes Peak Jazz & Swing Society

“Colin consistently gets a wonderful sound from the bass while holding down the time, and also when creating beautiful melodic solo statements.”

Paul Henry, Bassist for the Airmen of Note

Brand New 2014 CD Release

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“A total ear fest for those seeking an energetic spontaneous contemporary jazz excursion.”

Pikes Peak Jazz & Swing Society

“Holy Smokes! The Escape features some seriously beefy bass tone, lots of groove and solos.”


“In a field as choked as that of adult contemporary jazz, Trusedell carves himself out a place where he can both have fun and take himself seriously. That is an enviable place to be.”


“Great overall composition with strong rhythms, innovative melodies, multi-layered harmonies, and fantastic, inspired solos...”   Jazz-Rock.com